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It is crucial to note that OPEC peaks last, with a crossover of dominance point around 2008. According to a growing number of experts, SAUDI ARABIA MAY HAVE ALREADY PEAKED. The rest of the world has definitely peaked already. The staged attacks on 9/11 have provided the trigger necessary for the U.S. to implement long planned military actions throughout Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America under the smokescreen of the War on Terrorism.

The true motive behind this war is to seize control of the remaining oil reserves in order to guarantee U.S. GLOBAL PREEMINENCE for as LONG AS POSSIBLE. Unfortunately, even if this war is successful in that the U.S. gains total dominance over the oil from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Central Asia (at least 60% of remaining recoverable oil), it will only starve off the immediate ramifications of GLOBAL PEAK OIL by a decade or two AT THE MOST.

The above graphs illustrate the unavoidable future of our entire industrialized civilization, as determined by the FACT that global oil production is beginning to peak NOW. We've actually been maximizing production for several decades as we've plateaued underneath the theoretical peak level. Onset of decline in global average production of Oil will likely occur in the next 2 to 7 years, and definitely no later that 2020.

This means that the age of Oil is over. The end of cheap Oil will have the most serious consequences on the GLOBAL FOOD SUPPLY. Also, 95% of all plastics are made from hydrocarbon energy. Most importantly, peak oil equates to the end our current global economic system, which is dependant on continued economic growth. This is due to the FACT that the banks are lending everyone money that doesn't really exist and then charging interest on it.

The public is not being informed about the reality of peak oil because the global Military/Corporate interests want to manipulate the crisis in order to maintain control. As world population increases exponentially and the demand for oil continues to rise, we are seemingly faced with two distinct possibilities. Either we are able shift away from hydrocarbon based fuels and develop alterative eco-friendly energy sources, or the world is destroyed by the conquests of the global elite to dominate the remaining oil reserves.

Peak Oil presents the GREATEST EVOLUTIONARY CHALLENGE man has ever faced. The effects of Peak Oil will clearly jeopardize the continued existence of our present civilization. It should be noted that the pre/post industrial interval carrying capacity of the planet is only 1 - 2 BILLION PEOPLE. It is no surprise then that the corporate/military controlled media is not telling anyone about this immanent threat in order to avoid widespread panic, or WORSE!

This information needs to get out !!
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"Is it too late? Are recommendations for a peaceful energy transition hopelessly unrealistic? If by 'Is it too late?' we mean 'Is it too late to make the transition painlessly?', then the answer may well by yes. By now, we almost certainly face a 'discontinuity.' If by 'Is it too late?' we mean 'Can we do anything now to make the future better than it would otherwise be?', then the answer, of course, is that it is never 'too late'."

"It is realistic to hope for a future world of smaller, more egalitarian communities in which people have more time on their hands and live closer to nature. We have arrived at a point where global societal collapse - meaning a reversion to a lower level of complexity - is likely, and perhaps certain, over the next few decades. Once humanity has passed through the coming period of shedding complexity, it is entirely possible that our descendants will attain a much less-consuming, fulfilling way of life. But the process of getting from here to there is likely to be horrendously difficult."

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