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1st impact 2nd impact 2nd collapse warning
8th floor big explosion both planes live collapsed to dust
collapses abc dust cloud afterglow firehouse discussion
glow impact distant lobby explosions
north tower shake police find devices? red hot ground zero
secondary devices spire wtc bomb montage
wtc1 collapse 1 wtc1 collapse 2 wtc1 top blow
wtc2 below 1 wtc2 below 2 wtc2 below 3
wtc2 demolition wtc2 demolition north wtc2 explodes 1
wtc2 explodes 2 wt2 gound level wtc2 headon
wtc7 cbs wtc7 collapse 1 wtc7 collapse 2

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 alex jones - election comments on span   2.38mb
Live on CSPAN, Alex unleashes the truth of the nwo agenda on national television!
 alex jones - homeland security   14.3mb
Alex unveils the true nature of Homland Security and the USA Patriot Act. Also, he discusses the Total Information Awareness program, corporate coruption, and links between government intelligence agencies and terrorist organizations.
 alex jones - studio reality check   18.79mb
Alex comments on the invasion of Iraq, lies used to jusitify the war to the American public, and backgournd information on the Project for a New American Century (PNAC). Filmed April '03.
 back in black   8.08mb
Compilation of footage displaying the nazification of America, including wars for global domination, complete militarization of our culture, and violently suppressing any form of dissent.
 boston legal   13.02mb
Alan Shore from Boston Legal delivers wonderful monologue covering everything from lies on WMD, to torture, Abu Ghirab, Guantanamo, and, most importantly, illegal wiretapping.
 bush inauguration breakdown   8.96mb
A compilation of news reports and footage from the Bush Inauguration 2004, also known as the second official death of the American Rebublic. "A new order of the ages", according to Bush.
 chavez addresses U.N. 09/06   69.2mb
Hugo nails Bush, calling him the devil and the spokesman of imperialism. He warns "we cannot allow world dictatorship to be consolidated," adding "yankee imperialist, GO HOME!"
 cynthia mckinney clip 1   2.32mb
On the record, McKinney busts out with questions about the war games that were taking place on the morning of 911, firing point black at Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.
 cynthia mckinney clip 2   6.08mb
McKinny questions Donald Rumsfeld about Federal Gov defense contracts with corporations, such as DynCorp, who have been exposed engaging in sex trafficking. She also asks General Myers directly who was responsible for the war games on the morning of 911 that paralyzed our nation's Air Force response system.
 depleted uranium hazard awareness   3.13mb
Short background on depleted uranium and methods for reducing contamination risks. This clip is produced as a training video for military personnel in the field.
 fake osama bin laden video 1   34.57mb
Videotape purportedly showing Osama bin Laden confessing to the 9/11 attacks made public on December 13, 2001. However, it is clear that the star of this video is an imposter, least of all because he is terribly overweight and right handed, whereas bin Laden has severe kidney disease and is left handed. It should be noted for history that this is the only physical evidence produced by the US Government which directly implicates bin Laden in the attacks on 911. Think about it, THIS IS THE ONLY PHYSICAL EVIDENCE PRODUCED BY THE US GOVERNMENT WHICH DIRECTLY IMPLICATES BIN LADEN IN THE ATTACKS ON 911. Who actually produced this video?
 fake osama bin laden video 2   2.64mb
Compared with other photos of bin Laden, as well as the previous 2001 fake bin Laden video, it is obvious that this is not the real bin Laden. The video was released on October 29, 2004, 3 DAYS BEFORE THE 2004 US PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.
 galloway vs. senate   12.03mb
Testimony of Mr. George Galloway, Member of the British Parliament, before the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Permanent Subcommittee. Mr. Galloway had been implicated in illegally profiting from Saddam’s regime and the Iraqi Oil For Food program; however, the documents supporting such accusations turned out to be crude forgeries. Galloway rips the senator a new one, and exposes justification for the Iraq War as "pack of lies" as well as "the mother of all smokescreens."
 george hw bush declares new world order   467kb
On Sept 11, 1991, George HW Bush delivers presidential address announcing the "New World Order." Also includes clip of Council of Foreign Relations’ comments on Sept 12, 2001 saying the attacks could be USED to carry out plans for a New World Order.
 giuliani recieves 911 collapse warning?   1.70mb
Rudolph Giuliani receives warning that the WTC towers were about to collapse! This is highly suspicious given that no steel frame high-rise has EVER collapsed due to fire. Other evidence surrounding 911, least of all bold face lies to the 911 Commission, strongly suggests Giuliani was directly involved in attacks, perhaps from his Emergency Command Bunker in the 23rd floor of WTC7, which was conveniently destroyed along with the rest of the building.
 israel - the wall   7.10mb
Welcome to the largest open air prison in the history of the world. This is a short piece on the Israeli apartheid wall, which is much longer and higher than the Berlin wall. Clearly demonstrating Israel's true objective of confiscating more territory, the wall doesn't even follow 1967 Green Line, but cuts deep into the West Bank. The wall also serves to further sever connections between remaining palestinian ghettos, as well as to facilitate the confiscation of Palestinian water supplies by Israel.
 london terror games on 7/7   2.40mb
Visor Consultants, a crisis management firm, was running simulations of a terrorist attack the morning of the London 7/7 bombings which mirrored exactly the actual terrorist attack as it unfolded with respect to both timing and locations.
 lone gunman pilot   3.40mb
A segment from the The Lone Gunman pilot episode which revolves around a black-op government plot to fake a terrorsit attack by crashing commercial airliners into the World Trade Center. The planes are computer guided by remote control. In the episode, the attack is diverted at the last minute.
 loose change 2nd edition (trailer)   7.7mb
Sneak preview of the must see 911 truth documentary Loose Change. An excellent cherry popper for those completely unfamiliar with basic inconsistencies in the government's official story. Also, contains a great track, Lies, by Remo Conscious.
 michael meacher 1   
 michael meacher 2   
Former UK govt minister Michael Meacher interviewed by Channel 4 about his article published in the Guardian, entitled 'This war on terrorism is bogus'.
 norman mineta   
Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta testifies for 9/11 Commission and recounts the scene in the White House bunker on 9/11. He witnesses Cheney being told about Flt. 77 heading toward the pentagon, and the Vice President preventing our Air Force defenses from responding in time.
 nwo comments on global union   
 pentagon steals 2.3 trillion   
 secret evil of 911   
 silverstein pullit wtc7   


 alex jones - dark secrets inside bohemian grove   
 alex jones - martial law 1   
 alex jones - martial law 2   
 alex jones - martial law 3   
 alex jones - terror storm   
 assassination of russia   
A 52-minute documentary, using footage originally shot by NTV. The film examines the September explosions, and focuses on the foiled bombing in Ryazan on September 22, 1999.
 ayatollah khomeini   
 end of suburbia excerpts   
 exposed: the carlyle group   
 gladio 1   
Three-part series investigating the secret activities of 'stay behind' units in Europe after the Second World War. Exposes the clandestine terrorist activities of these groups in Belgium & Italy, and their involvement with the CIA.
 gladio 2   
 gladio 3   
 greg palast - bush family fortunes   
 hijacking catastrophe: 9/11, fear & the selling of american empire   
 john pilger - breaking the silence   
 kissinger file   
 loose change 2nd edition   
 mohamed atta & the venice flying circus   
 money masters 1   
 money masters 2   
 secrets of the cia (2005)   
 take back 911   
 uncovered - the whole truth   


 911 inquiry - dan hopsicker 1   
 911 inquiry - dan hopsicker 2   
 911 inquiry - dan hopsicker 3 - atta's girlfriend   
 911 inquiry - eric hufschmpt   
 911 inquiry - ian woods - top 911 anomalies   
 911 inquiry - jim hoffman   
 911 inquiry - jim marrs   
 911 inquiry - michael ruppert 1   
 911 inquiry - michael ruppert 2   
 911 inquiry - michael ruppert 3   
 911 inquiry - nafeez ahmed   
 911 inquiry - phil berg   
 911 inquiry - richard heiberg   
 911 inquiry - webster tarpley   
 911 inquiry paul thompson   
 bob bowman   
 chossudovsky - dismarning the war agenda   
 chossudovsky - haiti   
 chossudovsky - paul o'neill   
 chossudovsky 1   
 chossudovsky 2   
 chossudovsky dec '05   
 colin campbell - peak oil   
 helen caldicott 1   
 helen caldicott 2   
 helen caldicott 3   
 joe banister   
On Thursday June 23, 2005 a federal jury found former IRS Criminal Investigative Division (CID) Special Agent and CPA Joseph Banister not guilty of all counts alleging criminal tax fraud and conspiracy related to actions he took on behalf of a California business owner who had openly defied the IRS over several years by stopping withholding of all income and employment taxes from the paychecks of his workers.
 matt simmons - saudi peak oil 07/09/04   
 michael ruppert at solfest 2005   
 richard heinberg - enviro close-up   
 william rodriguez - wtc basement explosions   

news clips

 bill oreilly - james fetzer   
 bill oreilly - jeremy glick   
 cnn - bilderberg   
 crossfile - jon stewart   
 fox - john luftus on 7/7-MI6 connection   
Rashid Aswat, supposed mastermind of the London 7/7 tube bombings, is a British intelligence MI6 asset and has been protected from arrest for years while he traveled the world setting up al-Qa'ida groups.
 hannity & colmes - james fetzer   
 moussaoui - stun belt   
Zacarias Moussaoui suddenly testified in court, confessing to being involved in the 911 plot and was planning on flying a plane into the White House. The NBC reporter reveals that he was wearing a "stun belt" underneath his clothing controlled by US Marshals.
 showbiz tonight - charlie sheen   
 tucker carlson - steven jones   

shrub clips

 at his best   
 finger 1   
 finger 2   
 in china   
 iraq had nothing to do with 911   
 iraq ultimatum   
 pet goat   
 wmd joke   


 bbc - the war party   
 bbc - war for oil   
 Brzezinski on withdrawal of US troops from Iraq   7.61mb
Former U.S. national security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, talks on Bloomberg about U.S. policy in Iraq and discusses his strategy for withdrawal of US troops by end of 2007.
 falluja atrocities   
 iraq - marines cheer killing   
 iraq - the reckoning   
 iraq conspiracies   
 iraq's missing billions   
 palast - bbc iraq oil report   
 rice and powell on wmd before war   
2001 footage of Powell and Rice declaring that Iraq is not a threat.
 rumsfeld shaking hands with saddam   
 trophy video of targeting innocents   
Disgusting display of Occupation Forces in Iraq filming video as they drive around shooting at innocent bystanders and cars. They hate us ‘cuz we're free.
 white phosphorus used on falluja civilians   


 bush's double   
 cnnn invade   
 freedom walk enlist   
 real state of union address   
 stephan colbert - white house correspondents dinner   

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